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KBC Partners is a family office and private equity manager based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We have earned a reputation of being experienced, creative, resourceful, analytical, flexible, and most important of all, trusted investment partners. We know firsthand the value of hard work and innovation. We understand the challenges our partners face in building a successful business because we have been through this experience many times ourselves.

We pride ourselves on our ability to work closely with our management partners and we bring the same passion, emotion and energy that they have for their own businesses. 

The team at KBC Partners is committed to using our strengths to achieve our and out partners’ strategic objectives. In every deal we do, we bring our business acumen, balanced judgment, entrepreneurial expertise and our unbridled commitment to success.

We assist our management teams by making full use of our pipeline of senior network contacts and our historical experience to bring best practices to our portfolio companies. We take an active role with every company we support so that it may benefit from our extensive strategic, financial and operational expertise.

As partners and professionals, we have been able to nurture and foster long term relationships because we are fair, open, transparent, and highly ethical. We make our integrity work for us. We are careful to ensure that everyone’s economic interests, responsibilities, goals and objectives are fully aligned and that communication is always open. We are not just a source of capital; we are recognized by our clients as real partners. Our greatest resource is our people and the people we work with.

We see every investment as teamwork, where strengths are combined to visualize and reach a common goal. This is how great companies are built.

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