Creating Opportunity

Kenneth J. Finkelstein, CA

CEO, Toronto, Ontario
Kenny Finkelstein, CA, is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Knight’s Bridge which he and Counsel Corporation founded in November 2006. Mr. Finkelstein has a long and successful history of investing in, providing ongoing management, guidance and mentoring of portfolio entities, and delivering effective exit strategies.

Prior to founding Knight’s Bridge, Mr. Finkelstein co-founded and managed Gen-X Sports Inc., a diversified sporting goods company that owned multiple brands, including LAMAR, LTD Snowboards, Tommy Armour and Ram Golf, Tear Drop and Zebra Putters, Ultrawheels in-line skates, Hespeler hockey, and Volant Ski Company.

Mr. Finkelstein was also a co-founder of Lifestyle Brands Ltd., a company whose strategy was to acquire, for the purposes of creating a royalty stream, brands that needed revitalization. The brand portfolio included: Airwalk, VISON STREET WEAR, LAMAR, LTD, RAGE, DUKES and ULTRAWHEELS. The company was successful in creating a significant royalty stream and was sold to Payless Shoes.

As CEO of Knight’s Bridge, Mr. Finkelstein, applies his extensive expertise in working closely with management of its portfolio companies, helping them formulate and meet proper targets and goals. Mr. Finkelstein has helped build a solid reputation for Knight’s Bridge, making it an organization that is known for being highly successful and proficient in identifying attractive acquisitions and investment opportunities.


Allan Silber

Chairman, Toronto, Ontario
Allan Silber is the Chairman of Knight’s Bridge and is Chairman and CEO of Counsel Corporation, which he founded in 1979. Throughout its history Counsel Corporation has had a number of successes including: (i) Counsel Trust Company (grew Counsel Trust Company from $3.6 million in assets and $2.5 million of equity when acquired in 1979, to $1.9 billion of assets and $114 million of equity when it was sold in June 1990 for approximately $141 million); (ii) FirstLine Trust (pioneered the mortgage-backed securities business in Canada through FirstLine Trust); (iii) PharMerica (transformed Choice Drug Systems from an institutional pharmacy with annual revenues of $40 million in 1994 into PharMerica, Inc., a company with $1.1 billion in revenues in 1998); (iv) American HomePatient (built American HomePatient into one of the largest home health care providers in the U.S. by expanding it from 18 centres and $13 million in annual revenues in 1988 to over 300 centres and revenues of $400 million in 1998); (v) Stadtlander Drug Co. (acquired as a specialty retail pharmacy business, and grew its revenues from $86 million in 1995 to $460 million in 1998, just prior to its sale.


Gary Taylor, CA

Managing Director, Toronto, Ontario

Gary Taylor, CA is a managing director of Knight’s Bridge and also serves as the Vice President of Taxation and Asset Management for Counsel Corporation, the parent company of Knight’s Bridge. Mr. Taylor has extensive experience in structuring merger and acquisition transactions both within Canada and the United States in the 5 years since joining the company. Prior to that, Mr. Taylor worked as a Senior Manager in the tax consulting practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in Toronto where he assisted clients through developing tax planning solutions for medium-sized and large multinational corporations. Mr. Taylor has extensive experience in tax, finance, accounting and business matters across multiple industries including: real estate, technology, entertainment, telecom, health care, and manufacturing. In addition, he has structured new business acquisitions in the form of tax-efficient flow-through vehicles for investors.


Joshua Finkelstein

Associate, Toronto, Ontario
Joshua Finkelstein joined Knights Bridge Capital Partners as an Analyst in July 2009. His primary responsibility is to research industry trends and provide detailed financial analysis to assist in the evaluation of new investment opportunities. He is also responsible for tracking the financial performance of the Fund’s portfolio investments.

Joshua holds a B.A. in Economics from McGill University.


Daniel Finkelstein

New Business Development, Toronto, Ontario
Daniel Finkelstein joined Knights Bridge Capital Partners in New Business Development in September 2012. Daniel’s primary responsibilities include coordinating the marketing initiatives of the fund’s portfolio companies. Daniel is also responsible for new business development including sourcing new business initiatives both for portfolio companies and the fund itself.

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