Creating Opportunity


Established in 2008, the Investment Philosophy of the Fund is as follows:

Established Businesses and Exit Strategy: Generally, investee companies are established businesses that can benefit from KBC Partners' extensive strategic, financial and operational expertise in order to create value. Only opportunities possessing what KBC Partners' management believes to be a potential exit strategy or strategies will be pursued.

The Fund’s primary focus is the deployment of capital within North America for equity or equity-like investment in or acquisition of companies that own recognized consumer brands, intellectual property and trademarks which provide value to their products or services. The Fund’s typical investment is between $6 million and $10 million, although with the approval of its oversight committee the Fund may, and has on occasion, increased its equity participation beyond the $10 million threshold. Management also believes that, given the current economic conditions, investments in these targeted businesses are opportunistic and provide better than reasonable valuations. This will ultimately provide a greater opportunity for successful exits once market stabilization has occurred.

Opportunistic Investing: The Fund also invests in established businesses and industries that management believes to be undervalued or to have been overlooked by other investors due to size constraints.

Leverage Management Experience: The Fund generally seeks to structure its investments to enable itself to exert significant influence on the ongoing operations of its investee companies and to leverage the management and operational skills of the Knight’s Bridge management team to create value for its limited partners. The Fund seeks superior management for its portfolio companies and offers incentives through equity participation, in order to align management’s interests with those of the Fund.




The Internet Fund was established in 2007 in order to make angel and venture investments in early stage technology and new media companies, principally located in the United States. In 2008, the Internet Fund completed the investment of all of its committed capital.