Creating Opportunity

LifeLock, Inc. (“LifeLock”), headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, is an industry leader in identity theft protection. Lifelock provides a number of consumer benefits including fraud alerts, free credit reports and removal from junk mail lists. Additionally, Lifelock offers Walletlock, a system that replaces lost or stolen items (credit cards, bank documents, social security card, insurance cards, check books, etc.) at no additional cost.



AdaptiveBlue, Inc. (“AdaptiveBlue”), headquartered in New York, NY, is a provider of internet personalization and “smart” browsing technologies that improve internet search efficiency. Its “Glue browser” add-on automatically connects users to sites and other internet services they regularly visit on-line. The browser allows the user to see what other users think about books, music, movies, etc., regardless of the site they are visiting. AdaptiveBlue is a development stage company.



Disqus is a platform service for blog comments that enables bloggers to upload and track others’ comments to their blogs on an interactive real-time basis. Created by Big Head Labs, Inc., the technology allows users to seek other commentators who share like opinions. Disqus has also recently added a video comment feature as the result of a partnership with Seesmic Inc.



Covestor, Inc. (“Covestor”) has created a portfolio sharing platform service that allows tens of thousands of proven self-directed investors to share (on an anonymous basis in return for a fee) their real trades with other investors who want to follow them and measure their success. The site provides real time statistics for any individual’s portfolio, such as annualized returns, thereby highlighting to the public the most prolific and successful self-directed investors in specific industry sectors. Covestor’s revenue model is based upon the opening of brokerage accounts by members of the public, who are interested in matching the trades of successful investors they are following, and the charging of a trading fee.


TubeMogul, Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, CA develops proprietary “load and track” distribution and analytics technology for use by various media organizations to distribute and analyze video across the Internet. The technology allows publishing and distribution of a video across all major web-based video sharing sites from a single upload. The software provides rich analytical information through aggregating video-viewing data from each source to track when, where and how often Internet videos are being watched, as well as tracking the level of a viewer’s engagement to a watched video through its unique ‘In Play’ Platform.

TubeMogul is rapidly becoming the industry standard for on-line video analytics and has deals in place with major industry players such as Brightcove, Blip TV and endorsements from clients such as The While House.

The Company successfully completed a $3 million Series B Financing in the second quarter of 2009.